New 1,025hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

These are the one vehicles that go from beneath 2 to 60 MPH just like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 | automotive scoop

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170’s efficiency numbers can be staggering at any value. If this have been a $10 million electrical hypercar, we would all nonetheless be giddy about its 1.66 seconds from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) and eight.91 seconds for 1 / 4 mile.

However much more shocking than these stats, or the truth that they got here from a rear-wheel drive automotive with ample 4 seats, is the Challenger’s value/efficiency ratio. The 1,025-hp (1,039 hp) Demon 170 prices $96,666, which is not beer cash for many of us, however it’s a steal contemplating how a lot efficiency it buys.

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Solely three different manufacturing vehicles declare, or have been proven in impartial exams, to be able to 60 mph in beneath 2 seconds, and two of these vehicles value 20 instances greater than Dodge. Principally, none of them have a combustion engine.

Pininfarina Battista 1.79 seconds $2.2 million

The resurrected Pinfarinas Battista hypercar relies on the lightning-fast Rimac Nevera EV, however it’s even quicker. The Battista’s quad electrical motors develop a mixed output of 1,874 PS (1,900 PS) and 1,726 lb-ft (2,340 Nm), and through testing by which the automotive was fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires recorded zero to 60 mph in 1.79 seconds (1.86 seconds at 100 km/h) and accomplished the quarter mile in 8.55 seconds.

Like Dodge’s stats, Battista’s acceleration numbers have been recorded as in drag racing and excluded 1 foot of roll-out at first. American automotive magazines file their numbers the identical method, whereas British magazines and most automakers, together with BMW, Ferrari and Porsche, file their acceleration instances from standstill, that means they’re barely slower.

Rimac Nevera 1.85 seconds $2.2 million

The Rimac Nevera is barely extra highly effective than its sister Pininfarina Battista, but in addition barely slower towards the clock. In Rimac guise, the four-engine transmission develops 1,888 PS (1,914 PS) and 1,741 lb-ft (2,360 Nm), however the Croatian hypercar takes 1.85 seconds to succeed in 60 mph (1.97 seconds at 100 km/h) and eight.6 seconds to cross the quarter-mile marker. These instances have been recorded on a excessive friction ready floor and exclude 1 foot of roll-out, by the best way.

Tesla Mannequin S Plaid 1.99 Seconds $109,990

Tesla additionally used an extremely sticky dragstrip floor and rollout subtraction to file zero from 1.99 seconds to 60 mph for its 1,020 hp (1,034 PS), all-wheel drive, tri-motor, Mannequin S Plaid. When Driver examined the Plaid on common pavement, it took 2.1 seconds to succeed in that metric and 9.4 seconds for the quarter mile, once more omitting 1 foot toss, which was calculated to be 0.2 seconds.

And there are much more caveats from Plaid: Attaining these instances requires the automotive to be in Drag Strip mode, which includes heating the battery to its optimum temperature, and may take a number of minutes. By the point you have crossed that highway on the visitors lights onto the principle highway, the minivan that was within the subsequent lane could have disappeared over the horizon.

So the big-value $110,000 Plaid mannequin is not fairly as fast because the Demon 170, however it’s nonetheless monstrously fast, and let’s not neglect that Dodge numbers have an asterisk too, as a result of they have been additionally registered on a sticky floor, minus the rollout and with the engine operating on E85 gas. Fill the tank with E10 as an alternative, and horsepower drops from 1,025 hp (1,039 hp) to 900 hp (913 hp), and torque drops from 945 lb-ft (1,280 N⋅m) to 810 lb-ft (1,097 N⋅m).

Whether or not the Demon can nonetheless go sub-2 at 60 mph in that configuration Dodge is not saying, however as the one combustion automotive right here was fairly assured {that a} zero-to-60 mph wheeled V8 operating in 170 is a bunch extra thrilling. than do the identical in an EV, regardless of the stopwatch says.

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